“Catherine has worked with my children for the last 2 years in a group setting where she has been of immeasurable assistance. I will certainly recommend her to my many friends who have children on the spectrum, and know she will help them as she has helped us” (Amy, mother of Max and Alexandra aged 4 and 2).

“Can’t speak highly enough about Catherine’s help with Max and Alexandra. She has been a big part of getting Max toilet trained and in helping Alexandra to regulate her emotions.”(Amy – Mum to Max and Alexandra, ages 4 and 2)

“He is THRIVING at kinder. I was in 2 minds whether to send him, but it was absolutely the right choice 🙂 The change in him is noticeable and really apparent.” (Amy, mother of Max aged 4)

“We are so fortunate to have you work with our kids Catherine, you are so passionate and that shows through in many ways, from walking in the ASD walk to your professional development and start up of this amazing business.” (Danni, mother of 2 children with ASD, aged 2 and 5)

“Catherine, no doubt people would either be keen to use your service or provide your details to friends” (Danni, mother of a 2 year old girl and 5 year old boy with ASD)

“I have known Catherine Rosalion for over 12 months, during this time she has been working with my son Lennon with ASD. She is professional and passionate when it comes to working with children with ASD and is the best therapist to have worked with my son since his diagnosis.” (Carissa, mother to 4 year old Lennon)

“I would defiantly see Autism Support services being of benefit to my family or other families with kids with ASD in Melbourne” (Carissa, mother of 4 year old son with Autism)

“Catherine has worked with both our children, providing intervention, assessment and parent support.  We have found her to be knowledgeable, patient and experienced – all the things we look for in a professional supporting our family and moving forward.  (Danni, mother of 2 year old Rachel and 5 year old Saxon)

“Our daughter experienced such great gains while working with Catherine in an intensive one on one ESDM setting.” (Danni, mother of 2 year old Rachel)

“I have known Catherine Rosalion for almost 2 years, she has been working with our children with an ASD.  We see her services being of great benefit to families experiencing the same types of challenges as us, managing challenging behaviour, teaching skills and the daily experiences that come with parenting children on the autism spectrum.” ((Danni, mother of 2 year old Rachel and 5 year old Saxon)

“I have completely trusted Catherine with my son for the past 2 years. I find her approach to my sonto be very professional, thoughtful and diligent. I am continually impressed with the level of initiative and energy Catherine invests in my son. This manifests in finer details, such as anticipating foods he enjoys, the intensity of one-on-one attention she provides, and her appreciation of play as a tool of education”. (Anita, mother of 3 year old Eden)